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Become a detective

Register and become a PhDetective.

Your mission

Find the current email address of three (or more) PhDs and contact them to complete the survey!

  1. Register on this website. You can use your favorite detective name!
  2. Once registered, log in to start fulfilling your mission: We will provide you with the name, title of thesis, year of graduation and university of PhD graduates as listed in the public database of Library and Archives Canada.
  3. Use your favourite resources to find a way to contact your targets: your personal network, social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, ResearchGate) or your favourite search engine.
  4. Contact your targets to ask them to complete the survey: You can contact them via this website, social media or by email.
  5. You can also search and find people you know to let them know about the survey and earn easy points!
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Be careful, other PhDetectives may be looking for the same targets as you...
It's up to you to be faster and to use all your resources to carry out your mission as soon as possible!

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Earn points

Each correctly identified target that confirms their identity and/or responds to our survey will earn you points. The best PhDetectives will be rewarded!

Each target that’s identified can become a PhDetective in turn. If you recruit new PhDetectives, you will earn even more points!

Become a PhDetective

Your mission: Find 3 (or more) Canadian PhDs.

Become a PhDetective