About PhDetectives

The PhDetectives survey was created to better understand the skills and professional careers of PhDs in Canada. This survey is aimed at doctoral graduates as well as those in the process of completing their PhD. A complementary survey is being conducted with employers to define and assess PhD competencies and skills and to ensure their adequacy in the job market.

The objective of the survey is to increase the recognition of the doctorate by building accurate indicators about the career path of PhDs and demonstrating the diversity and richness of PhD skills. Further, results from this survey will serve to inform current students about their skills and career opportunities.

The simple goal of this website and PhDetectives’ activities is to obtain as much relevant employment data as possible about Canadian PhDs from 1988 to the present day. By participating in the PhDetectives community, PhDetectives will not only contribute to the success of the survey, but may also discover new career opportunities and expand their professional network by connecting with future employers, partners or collaborators!

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The PhDetectives survey is the largest survey on the professional careers and skills of Canadian PhDs ever conducted. It was inspired by the "Doctor X Wanted" survey carried out by the UPMC (Sorbonne University) in 2008. It is organized by PhD career specialists Adoc Talent Management (https://www.adoc-tm.ca) in collaboration with Mitacs (http://mitacs.ca), the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS) (http://www.caps-acsp.ca) and Finance Montréal (https://www.finance-montreal.com/).

For more information about the survey or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact the organizing team: info@phdetectives.ca

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